what is hnl?

Holistic Nutrition Lab is a curriculum designed to enable health professionals of every stripe to work in tandem with your clients or patients and their health and medical teams in the critical area of functional nutrition, creating dynamic patient/practitioner relationships that transform lives.

Holistic Nutrition Lab: Digestive Intensive

This month-long online training uncovers the science and art of the functional nutrition practice with a focus on the core to health, the digestive system. It's the foundation of the Holistic Nutrition Lab curriculum. Offered live once a year in February, we also open the dedicated message board as a live classroom in July and November in the Digestive Intensive Jumpstart, to deepen and continue the conversation for everyone who's become part of that year's Digestive Intensive and to welcome new HNL students into the community.

holistic nutrition lab: full body systems

Over the course of ten months online, the Full Body Systems curriculum dives deep into uncovering not only the science of nutrition, but the art of being in a successful functional nutrition practice.

The seven intensives on the Digestive, Immune, Urinary, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Brain and Reproductive systems cover the anatomy, function, and physiology of each system as well as its interconnections with the other systems. Andrea's a recognized master at distinguishing through science, story, and metaphor how food meets physiology, in a manner from which even highly-trained health professionals can benefit. In Full Body Systems, she takes the conversation deeper, providing frameworks and methodologies for being in the art of the functional practice, teasing out health obstacles while wearing the hat of a nutrition detective. This intersection of science and art is what transforms the practices of Holistic Nutrition Lab students as well as the lives of their patients and clients.

Oriented specifically toward practitioners and providing trainings, sample done-for-you protocols, and unprecedented message board support, Full Body Systems will empower you to create those lasting results for your clients and patients, boosting your confidence, and transforming your practice!

the holistic nutrition lab difference

After working clinically with hundreds of clients and thousands of class participants, Andrea has mastered translating the theoretical into the practical. You already have a wealth of knowledge, but how do you actually APPLY it and make THE difference in your client’s journey?

Andrea teaches you to work in tandem with your client’s medical team, how to gain their respect and trust - and how to be a true partner and advocate for your client. The support and mentorship provided by Andrea and our team is unprecedented. We will hold your hand and guide you through your toughest questions and case studies. This isn't theory; this is applied tools for getting in there and uncovering what's at the root of each of your client's cases. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes to know the right questions to ask, the right time to ask them, and the physiological meaning behind your client's answers. It's a difference not only in your practice, but in the lives of your clients. That's the reason we put all of our students on the front page; it's invitation to you to join in their success.

To be the best practitioner you can be, you need to move away from the quick-fix and into Functional Nutrition Mastery. Start here with this Power Your Practice tip sheet, to help you get to the ROOT CAUSE of any health challenge.